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What Is The Associated Bank Routing Number? Easy Ways To Find It!

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Associated Bank Routing Number

Did you know that routing numbers have been facilitating secure money transfers between banks since 1910? This long-standing system plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and security of various critical banking transactions.

Tired of hunting endlessly for your Associated Bank routing number? Help is here. Keep reading to go from frustration to finding your Associated Bank routing number with ease.

As a financial planner with over 25 years of experience, I’ve seen firsthand how confusing routing numbers can be for many people. But having quick access to your correct Associated Bank routing number unlocks key services – whether you’re setting up direct deposit (EFT), sending wire transfers, or linking accounts for an ACH transfer.

So in this article, I’ll be your routing number tour guide. My goal is to help you easily find your Associated Bank routing number while also learning:

  • What exactly a routing number is and why you need it for your account at Associated.
  • How to locate your Associated Bank routing number in seconds
  • And I won’t make you scroll endless to answer your initial question of trying to find the Associateds Bank routing number. The universal Associated Bank routing number – 075900575 – valid for all your banking needs

By the end, you’ll have the skills to quickly search for any ABA routing number, account number, or required wire transfer details. I’ll take you from routing number confusion to clarity.

Quick Answers When Searching For You Routing Number at Associated Bank

  • The universal Associated Bank routing number, 075900575, is your go-to for most banking transactions including direct deposits, wire transfers, and ACH payments. This single number simplifies banking across states, ensuring your transactions are processed smoothly.
  • Whether you’re in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota, the Associated Bank routing number remains consistent, eliminating the need for multiple numbers based on your location or transaction type.
  • Regularly verify and update your banking details, including the Associated Bank routing number and account number, to prevent transaction delays or errors.
  • For specific transactions like international wire transfers, additional details such as SWIFT codes may be required. Ensure you have the correct Associated Bank routing number and additional information ready for these scenarios.

What Exactly Is a Routing Number Used For?

A routing number is a nine-digit code essential for financial transactions, created by the American Bankers Association (ABA) in 1910. Initially for paper checks, its use expanded to electronic fund transfers.

what is a routing number
  • Function: It directs funds to the correct destination, acting like a financial GPS. Without it, banks can’t determine the origin or destination of funds.
  • Identity: Each bank has a unique routing number, ensuring transactions reach the intended account.
  • Necessity: It’s required for various transactions, including direct deposits and wire transfers.
  • Adaptability: Banks may have different routing numbers for specific types of transactions like ACH transfers and wire transfers.

Understanding your bank’s routing number is crucial for managing financial activities, from bill payments to receiving salaries. As electronic transactions become more prevalent, the importance of routing numbers grows.

What is an Associated Bank Routing Number?

How to Read a Check Routing Number & Account Number

Whether you need to set up a new direct deposit, send a wire transfer, or link bank accounts, you’ll need quick access to your correct Associated Bank routing number. But what exactly is a routing number and why is it so important?

A routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies details about a specific financial institution. It’s also called an ABA routing number (American Bankers Association) or RTN (routing transit number).

Your Associated Bank routing number – 075900575 – tells banks and other institutions where to route money being transferred to or from your Associated Bank account. It’s like a ZIP code for money.

Where to Find Your Associated Bank Routing Number

Wondering where to lookup your personal Associated Bank routing number? The three quickest and simplest ways to find the number are
1. Download my cheat sheet at the begining of the article
2. Look at a paper check
3. Confirm by calling the bank

  • The fastest way is to check the bottom left corner of one of your Associated Bank paper checks. There you’ll find both your account number and the bank’s 9-digit routing number.
  • You can also call Associated Bank customer service at 1-800-270-2707. Or visit an Associated Bank branch near you and speak to a teller who can provide your account’s routing number.
Where to find your Associated Bank Routing Numbers

I will show you five ways in depth below

5 Ways To Locate Your Associated Bank Routing Number Quickly

When clients ask me how to find their personal Associated Bank routing number, I provide several go-to methods:

1. Online banking displays user’s routing number

You can get your chase bank routing number by signing in to You will want to look for your account number that will be by your account information – this should be at the top box.

  • First, you will want to sign in to your account at
  • Look for the last four digits of your account number (by the top box).  This should be over your account information
  • Next, you will click on “Full Account Number” to show your full account number and your Associated bank routing number that you were looking for

2. Associated Bank Mobile App: 4 steps to find your routing number on the app

  1. Step 1 – Open the app and sign in
  2. Step 2 – Click on your account
  3. Step 3 – Click on “Show Details
  4. Step 4 – You can now see both your Associated bank routing number and your bank account number on the screen in your account details.

3. Personal checks show account routing number

read the routing number and check number
Read the routing number and check number

At the bottom left corner of any check from your Associated Bank account, you’ll find both the routing number and individual account number clearly printed.

It’s essential to double confirm the accuracy of any routing number before supplying it for direct deposits, wire transfers, or other key money movements.

Here is some further perspective from a retired financial planner:

4. Check Your Paper Bank Statements

You may still get your monthly bank statements mailed to you.  If so, go grab a recent copy of your statement.  If instead, you get a pdf emailed to you, feel free to pull up an email now.

By checking your bank’s monthly statement, you may be able to find your routing number along with your account number.  This is typically located on the top right of your bank statement

5. Call Your Local Bank Relationship Manager

You can always stop by or call your local Associate Bank branch and ask for the information you are looking for.  They should be able to pull up your account information and answer any of your questions, fairly quickly.  This may be the most accurate way to get the information

Accurate routing numbers prevent financial transaction errors

  • Common routing number mistakes include using outdated numbers, scrambling digit order, adding extra numbers, or attempting to use other banks’ routing codes incorrectly. These errors can delay or disrupt sensitive bank account transactions.
  • I always advised clilents double-checking routing numbers directly with their bank branch or customer service before sharing for payment authorizations.
  • I emphasized accuracy to recipients entering their sensitive information.
  • Also keep routing/account numbers private from those not needing access.

Routing Number Length: Bank routing numbers have nine digits

  • Associated Bank routing numbers are always 9 numerical digits just like all major U.S. banks. Any variations from 9 numbers are typically invalid.

Regional Nuances of Associated Bank Routing Numbers: WI, IL, MN

routing number associated bank

When I helped clients transfer money as a financial planner, I often came accross Asociated Bank branches located not just in Green Bay and other cities in Wisconsion – but branches in Minnesota and Illinois too.

Other banks like Nicolet National Bank and Wisconsin Bank & Trust use distinct routing codes unique to their institutions for Wisconsin transactions. Here is some key guidance on regional specifics:

One Routing Number for All Transactions

One routing number unifies Associated Bank transactions: The routing number 075900575 works universally for all Associated Bank transactions, including direct deposits, wire transfers, and electronic bill payments. This single routing code streamlines banking across Associated Bank’s footprint without variations by state or region.

  • Wisconsin: For Wisconsin residents banking specifically with Associated Bank Wisconsin branches, the same routing number applies statewide. Whether you’re banking in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, or any other Wisconsin location, the routing number remains the same. This eliminates confusion between locations within Wisconsin.

Despite the bank’s wide reach, from Associated Bank Green Bay to Associated Bank Chicago, the routing number 075900575 does not vary. This also applies to specific branches, whether it’s Associated Bank Madison, Associated Bank Milwaukee, or Associated Bank Hudson WI.

Consistent Associated Bank routing number spans states

associate bank routing number

States like Illinois and Minnesota where Associated Bank also operates branches use the identical 075900575 routing number without alternates by region.

This consistency simplifies interstate banking for Associated Bank customers managing finances crossing state lines.

It’s crucial to verify the routing number, 075900575, with Associated Bank before initiating any financial transactions. This step is vital to avoid any transactional errors.

The Bottom Line

For Associated Bank customers, especially those with financial engagements across multiple states, the consistent use of a single routing number, 075900575, significantly simplifies banking operations. This uniform approach to routing numbers, spanning from Associated Bank Routing Number Wisconsin (WI) to Associated Bank Routing Number Illinois (IL) and Associated Bank Routing Number Minnesota (MN), ensures a streamlined process for all banking transactions.

Special Routing Numbers for Specific Transactions: Wire Transfers, ACH & International Transfers

Global Network Concept money transfer routing number

Some banks have different routing numbers for specific transaction types. For example, a bank may have a unique routing number for wire transfers and ACH transactions

When managing your finances with Associated Bank, it’s crucial to understand the routing numbers for different types of transactions. Here’s a straightforward guide:

Wire Transfers, ACH, & International Transfers

Transaction TypeCommon UsesFees
Wire Transfers– High-value transactions
– Urgent payments
– Domestic: $25-$50
– International: Higher
ACH Payments– Regular business transactions
– Direct deposits
– Generally free or low-cost
  • For domestic wire transfers, you can initiate the transfer via phone with multi-factor authentication (MFA), in person at any branch, online via Associated Connect®, or through a file import from your payables application.
  • However, ACH transfers typically require the bank’s ACH routing number, which is different from the routing number used for wire transfers
  • For international wire transfers, you need to provide specific information such as the recipient’s name, account number, the SWIFT code of the receiving bank, and possibly the IBAN for some countries.For international wire transfers, Associated Bank’s SWIFT code ABGBUS44 is required, differing from domestic routing numbers.

The chart below doesn’t just include the routing number Associated bank, but also Associated banks domestic transfers and International routing numbers (same as for ACH’s) as well as Associated Banks SWIFT Code for international wire transfer.

Bank NameRouting NumbersWire Transfers Domestically
From Inside US
Wire Transfers From Outside US
to Inside US
Associated Bank 075900575 075900575 075900575 ABGBUS44

In addition to the above information, if you are sending money to someone else, ask them for

  • their Associated Bank Account Number.
  • the Associated Bank address for the receiving branch
  • as well as the phone number for the receiving banks branch
using your routing number from associated bank

Mistakes to Avoid with Routing Numbers

I’ve seen many clients make simple yet serious mistakes by using an inaccurate Associated Bank routing number. Common errors include:

  • Using an old routing number after Associated Bank routing number changes
  • Inputting incomplete numbers or extra digits
  • Scrambling the sequence of the 9 digits
  • Attempting to use a different bank’s routing number

Be sure to always double check the full 9-digit routing number before inputting it anywhere. Accurately entering “075900575” is crucial whenever you provide an Associated Bank routing number for transactions.

Why & When You Need Your Associated Routing Number

I always stress the importance of understanding bank routing numbers and how to access your own. There are many common situations where you’ll need your correct Associated Bank routing transit number (RTN).

What you can do with a routing nuymber
  • Direct deposit setup requires your routing number at Associate Bank
  • Online money transfers need the recipient’s routing number
  • Funding a new bank account may need your old account’s routing number
  • Automatic payments use your account’s routing number
  • Direct deposit tax refunds need your Associated Banks routing number

The key is having your accurate Associated Bank routing # available anytime you authorize bank account transfers. Next I’ll explain the easiest ways to find your routing number.

Planning for Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

Setting up and managing direct deposits and automatic payments efficiently requires accurate and readily available banking information. Here’s a concise guide:

  • Associated Bank Address for Direct Deposit: It is typically the address of the branch where you opened your account
  • Associated Bank Account Number: Your unique Associated Bank account number is essential for initiating direct deposits and automatic payments. Find this number on bank statements, checks, or via your online banking portal.

Key Points:

  • Routing Number: This nine-digit code identifies Associated Bank and is necessary alongside your account number for transactions.
  • Setting Up Automatic Payments: Share your account and routing number with billing entities to facilitate automatic payments. Confirm the accuracy of these details to ensure seamless transactions.

Getting Help from Associated Bank

I want to ensure you have full support to manage your Associated Bank account smoothly. Here are helpful resources:

Customer Service

There are multiple options to receive personalized Associated Bank support

  • Contact Associated Bank’s customer support at 1-800-270-2707 for personal assistance with any account inquiries. Support is typically available by phone Monday-Friday 7am-9pm CT, Saturday 8am-5pm CT.
  • Visit any Associated Bank branch location to speak with a banker in person about questions or needs with your account, routing number, direct deposits, etc.

Online & Mobile Account Access: Digital tools enable banking flexibility

  • The Associated Bank website and mobile app allow secure 24/7 account access to manage finances digitally.
  • Features include mobile check deposit, account alerts, peer-to-peer payments, and more.
  • Downloading the Associated Bank mobile app provides convenience for banking tasks on the go. Tablet access also available.

Locating Branches & ATMs: Online branch locator maps nearby locations

To find the nearest Associated Bank branch or ATM, visit the bank’s website and click “Find a Branch/ATM” or search “Associated Bank near me.” This locator provides addresses, distance, hours, parking and accessibility details.

Checking A Local Bank Routing Number Directory

  • LexisNexis is the official registrar of ABA Routing Numbers. 
  • By going to the website of the official Federal Reserve Banks E-Payments, you will be able to obtain your routing number as well

Ensuring Your Banking Details Are Up-to-Date

Keeping your banking details, especially routing numbers, current is vital for the smooth execution of financial transactions. Here’s a focused look at why and how to manage updates:

  • Accuracy is Key: Updated banking information, including associated bank routing numbers, ensures efficient transaction processing. Outdated details can cause delays, errors, and possible fees.
  • Routing Number Updates: Stay informed about any associated bank routing number change. While Associated Bank’s primary routing number is 075900575, verifying the latest number is always prudent to avoid discrepancies in transactions like direct deposits or wire transfers.
  • Verification: Regularly check your associated bank number and routing information, especially before executing significant transactions, to prevent potential issues.

Updating Your Information with Associated Bank

  • Digital Banking: Use Associated Bank’s online platform to update personal details like addresses or phone numbers. This is accessible through your account’s profile or settings.
  • Customer Service: For personalized assistance, contact Associated Bank’s customer service at (800) 236-8866. They can help update your information and answer any queries about routing numbers or account details.

Keeping your banking details, particularly associated bank routing numbers and account information, current is crucial for seamless banking operations and avoiding transactional complications.

Conclusion: Using Your Routing Number Securely

As we’ve explored, your personal Associated Bank routing number serves as a unique identifier that unlocks access to essential financial services.

Whether you’re setting up direct deposits, sending wire transfers, or linking outside accounts, having the proper 9-digit routing transit number is vital for accurate transactions.

I hope this guide has empowered you to:

  • Easily locate your Associated Bank routing number in seconds
  • Understand when and how to use your routing number securely
  • Prevent common routing number mistakes that create errors
  • Know your bank’s processes for verifying or updating details

I encourage you to validate your Associated Bank routing number using the methods suggested whenever utilizing it for critical money movements. Taking a proactive approach reduces headaches and ensures your hard-earned money moves smoothly to its intended destination.

Please reach out to Associated Bank customer service if you have any remaining questions. They are ready to help verify specific routing information and protocol for your unique banking needs.

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