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✅ Chase Bank Routing Number: Locate Your Chase Routing Number Easily

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Are you on a mission to find your Chase routing number for a wire transfer or to set up a direct deposit? Or a wire transfer? Look no further. This article is your one-stop resource, designed to provide you with the Chase routing numbers for every state, tailored to your specific banking needs.

Whether you’re in sunny California or the bustling streets of New York, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive, state-by-state list of Chase Bank routing numbers for 2024.

No more guesswork or time wasted on hold with customer service. We understand that whether you’re transferring funds or receiving them, the last thing you want is a hiccup in your financial flow. That’s why we’re here to guide you straight to the numbers you need for each type of transaction.

We’ll not only reveal how to locate your routing number but also explain why your Chase account might have different routing numbers for different purposes. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to handle all your banking transactions with confidence and ease. Let’s get started and make sure your money is always moving in the right direction.

Type of Wire TransferChase Routing NumberSWIFT Code (for international transfers to Chase account in the USA)
Domestic Wire Transfer021000021N/A
International Wire Transfer to Chase account in the USA021000021CHASUS33

This table includes the Chase routing number for both domestic and international wire transfers, as well as the SWIFT code that is required for international transfers to a Chase bank account in the USA.



Key Takeaways

  • What is a Chase routing number and why do you need it? We’ll explain this crucial 9-digit code.
  • Not sure where to find your routing number? We’ve got easy tips for locating it.
  • Sending wires? There’s a specific Chase routing number for that.
  • Your state’s routing number revealed! We have a full listing by state.
  • Smooth banking starts with the right routing number. We’ll help you get it fast.

Imagine you’re setting up a direct deposit for your new job’s paycheck. Without your bank’s routing number, your hard-earned money could end up in financial limbo.

Or consider the case of a small business owner who needs to set up payment processing for customer transactions; the correct routing number ensures that payments are swiftly and accurately processed, keeping the business running smoothly.

In both scenarios, the routing number acts as an address that directs the funds to the correct financial institution, much like a GPS coordinates a destination, ensuring that transactions are not only efficient but also secure.

Chase Bank Routing Number – What Is It?

Knowing your Chase bank routing number is important for sending domestic or international wire transfers from your account. Your 9-digit routing number identifies Chase as your bank and allows money to be properly routed between banks.

The first two digits of your routing number represent the Federal Reserve district your account was opened in. For Chase, this is typically 21, 22, 23, or 24. The next four digits identify Chase, while the last three identify your specific branch.

To find your routing number, check the bottom of a check, your bank statement, or online banking portal. You can also call Chase customer service. Routing numbers are based on your account’s state of origin, not your current location. So find the number corresponding to where you first opened your Chase account.

New York is unique in having two Chase routing numbers – one for upstate and one for downstate branches. Check if your account is associated with regions like Westchester, Long Island, and the five boroughs.

Knowing these key details helps ensure your wire transfers process smoothly when you provide the correct Chase routing number. Check multiple documents to verify the right number and ask your bank directly with any questions.

Chase Routing Number for Wire Transfer and ACH
Chase Routing Number for Wire Transfer and ACH

Why Different Numbers?

First off, let’s clear up the confusion: Chase, like all banks, uses different routing numbers for different types of transactions. Think of it as a financial GPS that ensures your funds navigate the banking network successfully.

For ACH transfers, you’ll use one number, while wire transfers might require another. And yes, these numbers can also vary from state to state.

Why different numbers?

According to the American Bankers Association, there are over 26,895 active routing numbers currently in use. The Federal Reserve Bank’s National Settlement Service uses these routing numbers to process over 500 million transactions per month, highlighting the critical role they play in the smooth operation of the financial system.

Your State’s Routing Number

Now, let’s tackle the main mission: finding your number. We’ve put together a state-by-state list that’s up-to-date for 2024. Whether you’re sipping coffee in Seattle or catching rays in Florida, we’ve got the digits you need.

Quick Tips:

  • Check the bottom of your checks: Your routing number is the nine-digit code on the left.
  • Log in to your online banking: Chase’s website or app will list your routing number under account details.
  • Give them a call: Chase customer service can also provide your routing number.

Remember, using the correct routing number is like hitting the bullseye in a game of darts—it’s a direct hit to your financial target.

So, let’s keep the momentum going. Check out our state-by-state guide below and bookmark this page for future reference. Your financial journey is important, and we’re here to light the way, one routing number at a time.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number? A State-by-State Guide

Are you on a quest to find your Chase routing number for your state? Whether you’re setting up a direct deposit or preparing for a wire transfer, the right routing number is essential for ensuring your money zips to the right place without a hitch.

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  • If you need to send money by wire to Chase bank, you will need to use the domestic wire transfer routing number 021000021
  • The SWIFT/BIC code for JPMorgan Chase bank in New York, NY is CCFRUS33.
example of chase bank routing number for California
Example of Chase routing number for California

Chase Routing Numbers by State

As we learned earlier, the routing number is what identifies where your bank account was originally opened.  The routing number won’t change if you move to another state.

State RegionRouting/Transit NumberWire Transfers Domestically
From Inside US
Wire Transfers From
Outside US to Inside US
Chase SWIFT Code
AL Alabama0654001372100002121000021CHASUS33
CAChase California3222716272100002121000021CHASUS33
DCDistrict of Columbia0440000372100002121000021CHASUS33
FLChase Florida2670841312100002121000021CHASUS33
HIHawaiinot available2100002121000021CHASUS33
MAChase Massachusetts0210000212100002121000021CHASUS33
MIChase Michigan0720003262100002121000021CHASUS33
NHNew Jersey0212023372100002121000021CHASUS33
NYChase New York – Downstate0210000212100002121000021CHASUS33
NYNew York – Upstate0223001732100002121000021CHASUS33
NHNew Hampshire0830001372100002121000021CHASUS33
NMNew Mexico1020010172100002121000021CHASUS33
NCNorth Carolina0720003262100002121000021CHASUS33
NDNorth Dakota1030006482100002121000021CHASUS33
OHChase Ohio0440000372100002121000021CHASUS33
PAChase Pennsylvania0830001372100002121000021CHASUS33
RIRhode Island0830001372100002121000021CHASUS33
SCSouth Carolina0720003262100002121000021CHASUS33
SDSouth Dakota1030006482100002121000021CHASUS33
TXChase Texas1110006142100002121000021CHASUS33
WVWest Virginia0519003662100002121000021CHASUS33
Chase Routing Number by State

Interpretting The Routing Number For Chase Bank

Chase bank routing numbers are sometimes also referred to as an “ABA Routing Number”.

Chase routing numbers (aka ABA routing numbers) are based on the state where you first opened your account.  These routing numbers were adpoted in 1911 by the American banker Association (ABA) to identify specific financial or banking institutions.

ABA Routing Number vs Account Number

When transferring money, you’ll need both:

  • Routing number – Identifies the bank
  • Account number – Specifies which account at that bank
  • The first two digits of your routing number will always be between 10-99 and correspond to the Federal Reserve bank district where your bank is located.
  • The next two digits will be your bank’s ABA number
  • And the last four digits will be your specific bank or branch number.

Together, these two numbers ensure your money gets to the right place.

Your bank routing number will be based on the state that you OPENED your bank account, not your current state.  If you can’t remember which state you opened your account in, don’t worry – you can always call Chase customer service at 1-800-935-9935 and they’ll be able to help you out. 

If you do remember where you opened your bank account – you can find your ABA routing number on the list below, by state, for Chase bank.

  • Chase routing numbers are also called ABA routing numbers. They are based on the state where you first opened your Chase account.
  • ABA routing numbers were created in 1911 by the American Bankers Association to identify banks.

  • Your 9-digit routing number breaks down like this:
    • First 2 digits – Federal Reserve district where your bank is located
    • Next 2 digits – Your bank’s ABA number
    • Last 4 digits – Your specific bank branch

  • Your routing number depends on the state where you opened your account, not your current state.
  • If unsure, call Chase at 1-800-935-9935 to get your routing number.
  • Chase makes it easy to find your routing number, even though banks have consolidated over the years.
  • The one exception is New York, which has separate routing numbers for upstate and downstate regions.

Why Do You Need Your Routing Number?

Do you need your Chase routing number? Why and when would you need the number? There are a few reasons why you might need a bank routing number. For example:

  • Are you trying to set up a direct deposit for a new job? If so, you’ll need to provide your bank’s routing number so that your employer can deposit your paycheck into your account.
  • Are you trying to send money to someone? If you are transferring money to another person’s bank account, you will need to know their routing number.
  • What about when you are opening up a new bank account, how will you fund the new account? If you are setting up a new bank account, you will need to provide the routing number for your old account so that your bank can transfer your funds.
  • Are you trying to set up automatic bill payment? You’ll also need to provide your bank’s routing number when you’re setting up automatic electronic payments or making other types of financial transactions.
  • When filing your taxes electronically, you may want to use your Chase bank account number to receive your tax refund electronically.

Remember, a bank’s routing number is a 9-digit code that uniquely identifies the bank. No matter the reason you are looking for your Chase routing number, we’ll help you find it.

How to Find Your Chase Routing Number – 6 Ways

Finding The Bank Routing Number on Your Paper Check

It’s become a lost art, but do you know how to read a paper check? If not, no worries – here is a quick guide on how to find your routing number on a check:

  1. First, locate the 9-digit routing number on the bottom left of your check. This is your bank’s ABA routing number.
  2. Next, look for the longer number to the right – this is your unique account number.
  3. Finally, on the bottom right is a 4-digit check number.
read the routing number and check number
Read the routing number and check number

It’s become a lost art, but do you know how to read a paper check?  If so, great and skip to the next paragraph.  But if you are like most people, you may have questions on how to read a check.  If so – I made a great yet simple guide that you can catch up on here – HOW TO READ A CHECK

How to find your bank routing number for Chase without a checkbook?

Don’t have a checkbook? No problem, here are some other easy ways to find your Chase routing number:

Online Bank Ecommerce Money Transfer mobile phone laptop
  • Chase Mobile App – Open the app, click your account, then “Show Details” to see your routing and account numbers.
  • Chase Website – Sign in at, click “Full Account Number” by your partial account number to reveal the full number and routing number.
  • Bank Statements – Check the top right of a paper or digital statement for your account details.
  • Local Branch – Stop by or call your nearest Chase branch for assistance.
  • Customer Service – Call Chase at (800) 935-9935 24/7 for help if needed.

Checking A Local Bank Routing Number Directory

You can use this American Bankers Association Routing Number lookup tool to confirm it matches your bank.

Chase Mobile Check Deposits

Chase Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers

Up until now we were talking about the ABA routing number code for ACH transfers, or bank-to-bank transfers. But what if you need to send or receive a wire transfer? The process is much simpler.

Bank Wire Transfer Futuristic Interface

Unlike ACH transfers, the code for a wire transfer will be different. There are just TWO numbers:

  • Domestic wire transfers within the US: 021000021
  • International wire transfers: Use the SWIFT code CHASUS33

Wire transfers are faster than ACH transfers, but have a fee. An incoming wire costs $15-$20, outgoing is $30-$40.

Here is the information you may need when receiving a Chase wire transfer:

  • Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA
  • Bank Address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
  • BNF/Field 42: Your Chase account number
  • Beneficiary Name & Address: Your account name and address

When sending a wire transfer, confirm details first since they can’t be reversed.

Wire transfers allow fast, safe transfer of large sums. They usually complete in minutes but can take 1-2 days.

For domestic wire transfers, the recipient needs to provide:

  • Their name
  • Account and routing number
  • Full bank address
  • Transfer purpose/notes

Send instructions before 4pm EST for same-day processing. After 4pm goes to next business day.

Chase Wire Routing Number

Wire Transfers Domestically From Inside USWire Transfers From Outside US to Inside USSWIFT Code

Here is the rest of the information that you may need to provide If you’re receiving a wire transfer

Bank NameJP Morgan Chase Bank, NA
Bank Address270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017(regardless of where your account is located)
BNF/Field 4200Beneficiary account numberYour complete Chase Bank account number(including leading zeros)
Beneficiary/receiver account name & addressThe name and address of your account (as it appears on the statement)

Double-check Your Routing Number

Before completing ANY financial transactions – be sure that all of the above information is not only correct, but double check it a second time.  If you get the routing or account number incorrect, your money will go to the wrong place!

Global Network Concept money transfer routing number

Why Does Chase Bank Place a 7 Day Hold on Checks?

Customers often wonder, Why does Chase place a 7 day hold on checks?? well, it’s primarily for security purposes. A hold provides sufficient time for the bank to verify the check’s legitimacy, preventing potential fraud or insufficient fund issues. While it may seem inconvenient, this precautionary measure aims to protect both the bank and its customers from financial risks.


Frequently Asked Questions About Routing Numbers For Your Chase Account

Can Routing Numbers for Chase Bank Change?

Yes. Chase Bank is headquartered in New York City, but has branches all over the US.  Like all banks, they didn’t start as a massive international bank, but instead grew by buying other regional banks.  This leads to larger banks having many routing numbers.

How many numbers is a Chase account number?

The Chase routing number is nine digits long – this is no different than any other bank in the U.S. The fact that gets confusing for many Chase bank customers is trying to differentiate between this number and their account number.  Please read my article on How To Read A Check Routing Number & Account Number

Does a Chase Credit Card Have a Routing Number?

No, Chase credit cards DO NOT have a routing number.  The reason is that routing numbers are for bank accounts, and not credit cards. Instead, credit cards use a 16 digit account number that serves a similar purpose.  The account number serves the same purpose, and the security code and expiration date serve as additional layers of security.

Next Steps

We’ve reached the final stop on our journey to locate your Chase routing number. By now, you should have this vital 9-digit code in hand, opening up pathways for smooth transfers and transactions.

With your routing number in place, you can fearlessly navigate wire transfers, direct deposits, and other key banking affairs. Consider this your passport to financial freedom.

Of course, the routing number is only one part of crafting a sound financial strategy. Here at [BRAND], we’re devoted to equipping you with essential banking knowledge and money tips for the road ahead.

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