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Pay Raise Calculator – New Salary? How To Calculate Your Pay Raise

Are you excited about the possibility of a pay raise? Of course, you are! But, the thought of calculating your new salary may be overwhelming. That’s where a pay raise calculator comes in handy.

Using a pay raise calculator is quick and easy, and it can help you determine your exact pay increase and plan accordingly for your new income. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step by step and give you some useful tips to ensure that you get the raise you deserve.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’ve been working for years, understanding how to calculate your pay raise is crucial. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your earnings and achieve your financial goals.

Plus, towards the end of the article, we’ve included important information about federal pay raises and pay calculator. So, whether you’re a government employee or not, be sure to stick around for that valuable information.

Let’s get started!

  • Federal pay raise information can be found towards the end of the article, feel free to use the table of contents or skip to the section here

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Why Calculate Your Pay Raise and Pay Raise Percent

Are you curious about how much of a raise you could be getting? Have you been trying to figure out what you should ask for in your next salary negotiation? Well, you’re in luck! With the help of this handy-dandy pay raise calculator, you can easily figure out how much of a raise you should be asking for.

We’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to compute your new salary and get you the percent raise you deserve. So if you’re ready to take charge of your compensation, keep reading and let’s get started!

Do you want to know how much of a salary increase you can expect? Here is a pay raise calculator to help you estimate your new income.

  • First, enter the weekly hours you work
  • Then enter your current salary and either your raise or your earningsafter your raise. 
  • Finally, click on the “Calculate” button to see your raise percentage, and how much extra money you will make each year and each paycheck.

For example, if you make $50,000 per year and you are paid bi-weekly, and you are expecting a 3% pay raise, you will make an additional $57.69 per paycheck, or$1,500 per year.


Here are some things to keep in mind when using this calculator:

  • The raise percentage is your gross pay raise. So if you are expecting a 3% salary increase , that means your new pay will be 3% higher than your current income.
  • The extra money is the additional amount of money you will make each year as a result of the pay raise.
  • The additional money is the additional amount of money you will make each paycheck as a result of the salary increase.
  • Input your salary information into the pay calculator to determine your take-home pay after taxes
  • The pay calculator will compute your total earnings for the year, including bonuses and overtime.
10589 1610414 Pay Raise CalculatorPay Raise Calculator

Have you been offered a salary increase or a percentage raise but are unsure of how much your new income will be? The above raise calculator can help you evaluate your new salary and determine the percentage increase of your pay.

Simply enter your current salary in the above pay calculator, and the raise percent to see how much your compensation will increase.

Using a pay calculator, you can also experiment with different salary figures and percentage raises to see how they affect your overall earnings.

With the help of a raise calculator, you can confidently negotiate salaries and make informed financial decisions.


Using a Pay Raise Calculator to Determine Your Salary Increase

pay raise calculator how to enter inputs example
payr raise calculator output Pay Raise Calculator

Discover Your New Salary: Using Current Income and Percent Pay Increase to Calculate Pay Raise

How to Determine a Pay Raise?  Follow these simple steps using the above pay raise calculator

  1. Enter your current earnings into the pay raise calculator.
  2. Enter your salary increase – whether it is the dollar amount or percentage increase.
  3. Click “Calculate” to see the difference in earnings or your pay raise amount.
  4. The pay increase calculator will show you the calculations of your new increase in pay as a percentage pay raise; paycheck frequency: hourly pay rate, weekly, monthly paycheck and yearly pay rate!

Assuming you would like to receive a 3% pay increase over the course of 1 year, and you currently earn $50,000 per year, your pay raise would be $1,500.

Here is the calculation:

3% of $50,000 is $1,500.  1 year of 3% pay raise equals $1,500.

Pay Raise road sign

How to Calculate a New Paycheck After Annual Salary Increase?

  • The first step is to find out what your new income will be. 
  • Your employer should have given you this information. If not, ask them. 
  • Once you know your new wage, you can use a pay calculator to assess your pay raise percentage.

Calculate Your Pay Raise: How to Use a Percentage Pay Raise Calculator

Percentage Pay Raise Formula

The percentage pay raise formula is a simple mathematical formula used to tally the hourly percentage wage increase in pay that an employee will receive after a raise. The formula is:


Percentage Pay Rise = (New Wage- Old Earnings) / Old Pay

Pay Calculator – How to Calculate a Pay Raise Percentage

How do I calculate my pay raise percentage?  To do this, divide your new salary by your old pay. Then, multiply this number by 100. This will give you your earnings increase percentage.

  • For example, if an employee’s old base pay rate is $30,000 and their new compensation is $35,000, their percentage pay raise would be:
  • Percentage Pay Raise = ($35,000 – $30,000) / $30,000
  • Raise by percentage = 0.1666 or 16.66%
  • Use a pay calculator to estimate your earnings based on your hourly wage and hours worked.

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Paycheck Calculator – Example of How to Calculate a Salary Increase

For example, let’s say your old salary was $50,000 and your new salary is $52,500. To estimate your wage hike percentage, you would divide $52,500 by $50,000. This gives you 1.05. Multiplying 1.05 by 100 gives you a 5% pay raise.

Now that you know how to gauge your pay raise percentage, you can use this information to negotiate a better salary in the future. Remember, the more you know about salary negotiation, the better off you’ll be!



The best way to get a substantial bump in your paycheck is to see how your skills are valued on the job market.  Job seekers tend to get raises of about $10,000 on average when they change jobs – and say they expect at least a bump in earnings by about 35%!!  Obviously this depends on your work experience, industry, and where you live.

pay raise ahead roadsign

What is a fair raise in 2023?

There are a few different factors to consider. The first is the average increase in wages across all workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage increase from 2019 to 2020 was 3.1%, but has recently been much higher. It is reasonable to expect that this trend will continue, and so a fair raise in 2023 would be in the range of 4-6+% to keep up with the cost of living.
The cost of living is the amount of money that is necessary to maintain a certain standard of living. It is often used as a measure of inflation.
Secondly, it is worth considering the impact of cola increases. Cola is an acronym for cost of living adjustment, and it is a common clause in many employment contracts. It stipulates that wages will be increased in line with the cost of living, so that workers can maintain their standard of living. 
The problem with cola is that it often fails to keep pace with the true cost of living, and so workers can end up worse off in real terms. 

What is a 3% raise?

A 3% raise will depend on what your salary is to start with.  A 3% boost in pay will be twice as much for someone earning $100,000 per year vs. someone who earns $50,000 a year.
Let’s keep this simple and use an example.  
Percentage Pay Raise = (New Salary – Old Salary) / Old Salary
Person A earns $100,000 so a 3% raise (.03 x 100,000) equals $3,000 per year
Person B earns $50,000 so a 3% raise for them is $1,500 ($50,000 x .03 = $1,500) over the course of a year
Is a 3% raise a good raise?
Typically 3% is about the average raise – since inflation has been increasing by about 3% per year.  With inflation rising now, a more suitable raise in pay may be more in line with a 4-6% raise in pay.  Anything greater would be considered an excellent increase.

How much is a 5% annual income raise increase?

A 5% annual income raise would depend on the income you started with.  If we use the example of someone earning $100,000 before their raise, it would look like this.
Percentage Pay Raise = (New Salary – Old Salary) / Old Salary
If you’re earning $100,000 – a 5% raise (.05 x 100,000) equals $5,000 per year

What’s The Average Income Raise  in 2023?

Historically 3% was considered a typical raise in annual income each year.  With inflation increasing recently, I think we will likely be seeing 4-6% as a more common annual increase in pay.  2022 already showed a slight rise in pay.

How to Calculate a Pay Raise on Your Own?

Percentage Pay Raise = (New Salary – Old Salary) / Old Salary

Here’s a step-by-step simple process:

How do I calculate my pay raise?

  1. First, determine the difference between your previous income and your new increased salary:   For example $7,875 – $75,000 = $3,750.
  2. Second, you will divide the increased income amount by your previous salary: $3,750 / $75,000 = .05
  3. Now if you want to turn this decimal into a percentage either move the decimal two places or simply multiply this number by 100.  100 x .05 = 5%

Hourly Employee – Converting an Hourly Dollar Pay Raise to Percentage Increase 

If you are being promoted and are an hourly employee – you may be wondering how to quantify your new increase in hourly wage to a percentage with the hourly rate formula.

  1. You are earning $30 an hour, and get a $3 per hour increase in pay
  2. Divide your wage hike by your original hourly wage.  In this case it would be 3 divided by 30.  The result is .10 or 10 percent

If you are looking to convert your hourly wage to salary calculator, you may want to check out my recent great article and included calculator and others below:

How do you calculate an increase in hourly rate?

First, you would need to determine what your current hourly rate is. Next, you would need to decide how much of an increase you would like to receive. Finally, you would need to assess your new hourly rate by adding the desired increase to your current hourly rate.

For example, let’s say that your current hourly rate is $10.00. If you would like to receive a $0.50 raise, your new hourly rate would be $10.50. To calculate this, you would simply add $0.50 to your current hourly rate of $10.00.

It is even easier to use the above pay raise calculator, which will include an hourly pay raise calculator for you.

Steps: How Do You Calculate Take Home Pay After Raise?

Like most people, you don’t just want to know how much more money you will make each year.  But instead you want to know how to calculate your take home pay after a raise.  This can get complicated, but for the most part you can come up with a pretty good estimate.

First, you need to separate your fixed paycheck withdrawals – this will not go up after your new increased paycheck starts.  These are typically your employer provided additional benefits and employer-based insurance coverage.  For the most part your contributions to benefits will remain the same.

Employee Benefits and Insurance

Examples would include your health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, etc.

Federal Income Tax Withholding

Certain employee benefits are tied to your current pay rates, so they would likely increase when your new annual income rises.  Examples would be your federal income tax withholding from your taxable income due to additional income taxes, disability insurance, your pre-tax retirement plan contributions, and social security tax.

Figure out the wages after taxes, or take-home pay, by subtracting all the calculated deductions from the gross pay, or using this formula: Net pay = Gross pay – Deductions (FICA tax; federal income taxes , state and local applicable taxes; and health insurance premiums).

  1. Calculate your FICA taxes for the year
  2. Subtract personal exemptions
  3. Subtract standard deduction
  4. Determine tax income bracket
  5. Calculate federal, state and local income taxes

2023 Federal Pay Raise Calculator

Federal employees often receive salary increase as part of their annual compensation package. These raises are determined by a variety of factors, including the state of the economy, the performance of the employee, and the overall budget of the federal government. To accurately determine the amount of a wage hike, employees can use a pay raise calculator.

The federal government recently announced a pay raise for eligible employees. This pay raise is based on the cost of living and is calculated using a federal pay raise percentage. This percentage is determined by the continuous service of the employee and the number of months of service. There is also an employment threshold that must be met in order to be eligible for the wage hike.

To calculate your earnings bump, you will need the following information:

  • Your employment documents
  • Your 2-letter pay band
  • The band info for your pay band
  • The federal pay raise percentage
  • The cost of living rise
  • The inflation rate

Once you have gathered all of the necessary information, you can use the federal pay raise calculator to determine your pay raise.

A pay raise calculator is a tool that allows employees to input information about their current salary, years of service, and other relevant factors to calculate their raise in pay. This calculator can help employees understand how much of a pay raise they can expect to receive, and can be a useful tool for budgeting and planning for the future.

If I am being honest with you – this gets complicated and I am no longer an expert on federal employee benefits packages.  I will link the necessary information for you below:

Federal Pay Raise 2023

Using a pay raise calculator is important because it can help employees understand their pay increases and make informed decisions about their finances. By accurately calculating their raise in pay, employees can ensure that they are receiving the correct amount of money and can plan for any potential changes in their income. Additionally, a compensation boost calculator can help employees understand the factors that influence their pay, such as their performance and years of service. Overall, using a pay raise calculator can provide valuable information and help employees manage their finances more effectively.


If you receive a pay raise, there are a few things you can do with the extra money. You can save it, spend it, or invest it.

  • If you save the money, you can put it into a savings account, a money market account, or a certificate of deposit. This will allow you to earn interest on the money and have it available in case of an emergency.
  • If you spend the money, you can use it to pay off debts, buy a new car, or take a vacation. Just be sure to budget carefully so that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford.
  • If you invest the money, you can put it into a stock, bonds, or mutual funds. This will allow you to earn money from the interest and dividends paid by the investments. Just be sure to research the investment options carefully before you invest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on calculating your pay raise. I hope you found the information helpful and valuable for managing your personal finances.

Remember, knowing your new salary is key to budgeting, saving, and planning for the future. By using a pay raise calculator, you can quickly and accurately determine how much of an increase you can expect in your payments.

Don’t forget to check out our other helpful tools such as the loan calculator and tax calculator to further manage your finances. And if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Remember, you deserve to be compensated fairly for your hard work. So take control of your salary and your future today by using a pay raise calculator!


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