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Turn Gift Cards into Cash: Best Ways To Sell a Gift Card Online

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Stuck with unwanted gift cards? Turn those overlooked plastic cards into cold hard cash. This guide reveals the best places to sell gift cards online and unlock their unused value.

We’ve all received unused gift cards that end up forgotten in a drawer. Money wasted, expiration dates passing without a swipe. But your neglected gift cards still hold value – sometimes hundreds of dollars worth. Instead of watching that value vanish, you can sell a gift card and other unwanted gift cards online for up to 92% of their remaining balance .

Inside you’ll discover the top websites like CardCash, my personal favorite, and Gift Card Granny that make it easy to exchange unwanted gift cards and sell a gift card for instant cash back payment.

Find out how to maximize your payout through smart timing and promotion. Get tips to safely navigate the gift card selling process. Uncover the biggest mistakes to avoid when you trade gift cards and sell a gift card online instantly.

Don’t let another gift card go unused. Turn those overlooked gifts into real spendable money in your pocket. Learn the 5 best places to sell the gift card right now by reading this guide to selling gift cards online for maximum value.

Why Sell a Gift Card Online? An Experts Perspective

Nearly half of Americans possess at least one unused gift card, a Bankrate study reveals. On average, the untapped value of these cards amounts to approximately $187 per person, totaling a staggering $23 billion nationwide.

Bankrate’s Senior Industry Analyst, Ted Rossman, is surprise at the substantial sum sitting idle in people’s wallets. He emphasizes that in a climate of high inflation and interest rates, these unused gift cards represent genuine financial assets.

Rossman advises individuals to take stock of their gift card holdings and formulate a plan to utilize them effectively.

  • For instance, if you have a card for a store you’re not particularly fond of, consider using it for an upcoming friend or family member’s birthday or holiday gift.
  • Alternatively, you can even gift the card itself. “If it’s a store you don’t really like, make a plan for an upcoming friend or family member’s birthday or holiday gift.” suggest Rossman.
  • Rossman suggest another option. To “explore resale sites like CardCash and Raise, they’ll often give you something like 70 or 80% of what the card is worth.”


Together, Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG -1.19%), Starbucks (SBUX -0.37%), and Barnes & Noble (BKS) collected more than $99 million in income last year from so-called gift card “breakage,” or gift card balances that are very unlikely to ever be redeemed.

Motely Fool

Understanding the Cash Value of Gift Cards

The monetary value of your gift card equals the amount loaded on it. Gift cards with a set amount are worth that much. Cards that allow any value hold whatever amount gets added. Since some gift cards don’t expire for several years, their value can grow if left unused because the money remains available.

Selling or trading unused gift cards can unlock their cash value or allow you to exchange them for something else.

Some stores like Amazon Target allow you to combine Visa gift cards into one by transferring balances. This can help consolidate multiple cards into a single card with the total value. See more on combining Visa gift cards.

Best ways to sel al gift card online.
Gift Cards into Cash – How To Sell a Gift Card Online

Envision gift cards as dormant investments.

  • Gift cards can represent a significant financial asset, analogous to dormant investments.
  • Consider an antique painting stowed away in your attic. Its worth may appreciate over time, unlike how pre-paid cards’ values do not increase.
  • Gift cards can be liquidated, just as you might decide to sell the antique painting when you need capital. This liquidation can be in the form of cash or an exchange for goods or services, much like divesting an investment.

The Potential Value of Gift Cards

How popular are prepaid cards? The business is expected to grow to over $1.5 billion within a few years!!

For the 16th consecutive year, gift cards have retained their position as the most requested gift, as reported by the National Retail Federation. This trend is further supported by recent research conducted by BHN, which found that a significant 85% of individuals prefer receiving a gift card over a specific gift.

Gift cards can have a significant monetary value, depending on the amount that is loaded onto them. Some gift cards have a set value, while others can be loaded with any amount of money.

Additionally, some gift cards can be sold or traded for cash or other items like CardCash.


Exploring the Monetary Worth of Gift Cards

The monetary worth of a gift card is determined by the amount of money that is loaded onto it. Some gift cards have a set value, while others can be loaded with any amount of money.

Imagine a gift card is like a special wallet, but instead of regular money, it holds a specific amount of money just for one store. Some of these special wallets come with a fixed amount of money already inside, like $50 or $100 gift card. While others let you put as much money in them as you want, like a piggy bank.

So, the “monetary worth” of the gift card is simply how much money is in this special wallet.

Common Reasons for Gift Card Neglect: Reasons People Hold onto Unused Gift Cards

When gift cards like Visa or Amazon go unredeemed, the money spent on them is wasted.

The $3 billion in unused gift cards in the U.S. each year is reminiscent of a treasure chest hidden away. When these cards go unredeemed, the financial value they represent remains untapped, much like leaving a family heirloom locked in a box.

There are a few common reasons people hang onto gift cards they’re not using:

  • Forgetting they have it or where it’s located
  • Not having a chance to use it if they’re too busy or live far from the store
  • Saving it for a special occasion or to control spending
  • Keeping it as a memento from the giver

The Wasted Potential: How Unused Gift Cards Go to Waste

Unfortunately, billions of dollars in gift cards go unused every year. According to one estimate, $3 billion worth of gift cards are neglected annually in the U.S. alone.

When gift cards go unredeemed, the money spent on them is wasted. The recipient misses out on purchasing power, and the giver’s gift does not get used as intended.

Environmental and Financial Impact of Unused Cards

Unused gift cards take a toll financially and environmentally. From an economic standpoint, wasted gift card money reduces financial activity. And if the cards get tossed, their plastic contributes to landfill and ocean waste since it’s not biodegradable.

To reduce the impacts, it’s best to use gift cards or give them to someone who can. Some companies recycle old gift cards, giving them renewed purpose.

Selling or trading unused cards also helps diminish the waste and recovers some of the card’s value.

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Benefits of Selling Gift Cards Online

If you have unused gift cards lying around, you can sell your gift card online to turn them into cash.

Selling your unwanted gift cards offers several advantages:

Make Easy Money

Selling gift cards you’re not using is an effortless way to earn cash. A few minutes filling out some online forms locks in the cash value of cards you’d otherwise forget about or lose.

Get Full Value

Online gift card buyers typically pay up to 92% or more of the card’s remaining value (according to CardCash, others pay 70-80%). You can recover almost all of the original value instead of letting it go to waste expiring in a drawer

Safely Exchange Physical Cards

For physical gift cards, sites provide prepaid shipping labels so you can sell and buy gift cards safely at no cost. All you have to do is package it up and drop it in the mail. You may as well swap an undesired card for one that you may use one day.

Quick Payment

After you submit your gift card info, most buyers send out payment within a day or two. You’ll receive your cash quickly via direct deposit, PayPal, check, or the method you choose.

Support Good Causes

Some gift card sellers donate a percentage of profits to charity. By trading in your unused cards, you can contribute to organizations like the American Red Cross.

Selling your unwanted gift cards is a smart and simple way to earn cash quickly. You can finally put those neglected cards toward something you really want or need.

Security Measures in Online Gift Card Sales – Ensuring Safe and Secure Transactions

  • Use Secure Payment Systems: A secure site will reassure customers that their information is safe and stays private. Using SSL is a common and necessary security measure to protect credit card details and other potentially sensitive transactions that occur on an ecommerce website
  • Choose a Secure Payment Processor: Ensuring that you have a secure payment system starts with choosing the right credit card processor. When shopping around for merchant services providers, choose a payment platform that makes security a top priority

Protecting Personal and Financial Information

Use Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify their identity. This can help to prevent unauthorized access to customer accounts

If you have unused or unwanted gift cards, there are several trustworthy online marketplaces where you can sell your gift card for cash or trade your gift card for a different card. Here are some of the best platforms:

The Best Places To Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash Online

What is the best way to sell gift cards? If you have unused or unwanted gift cards, there are several trustworthy online marketplaces where you can sell your gift card for cash, or exchange gift cards, for a different card.

If you prefer to learn about a local option, read my recent in depth article about Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

Here are some of the best platforms:

CardCash – Popular for Selling Gift Cards

CardCash allows you a way to buy and sell gift cards, such as Walmart or Amazon gift cards, and get cash back. They offer competitive rates and a straightforward website, making CardCash a top choice when you want to sell your unused gift cards online.


  • Instant Convenience: CardCash offers the convenience of instantly selling unused Target or Walmart gift cards. No waiting around; you can get cash back right away.
  • Competitive Rates: CardCash provides competitive rates for your gift cards. They aim to give you a fair return for your cards, which is always a plus.
  • User-Friendly Website: The website is easy to navigate, making the process of selling your unused gift cards straightforward and hassle-free.

In my experience, CardCash stands out as a clear winner because they make it simple and efficient to turn those unused gift cards into cash. However, remember that different platforms may be better suited for different situations, so it’s always good to explore your options.

  • Misleading discount rates: Some partner websites listed on CardCash may promise higher discount rates than are actually available.
  • Limited selection: While CardCash has a large inventory of thousands of unused gift cards, some customers have reported difficulty purchasing the cards they want.
  • Mixed reviews: Customers have had mixed experiences with the platform, with some complaining about card balances disappearing and other issues

Gift Card Granny – Your Versatile Gift Card Exchange Hub

Gift Card Granny serves as a versatile hub for buying, selling, and trading eGift cards from a wide range of retailers. If your goal is to sell a gift card online instantly, Gift Card Granny offers competitive rates and a user-friendly platform.

However, for those seeking instant cashback and straightforward transactions, GiftCard Granny may not be the best option top choice.

  • Delivery issues: Gift Card Granny relies on accurate delivery information at the time of order, and some customers have reported issues with receiving their gift cards.
  • Limited selection: While Gift Card Granny has many gift cards listed, some customers have reported that the selection is not as extensive as they would like.
  • Scam accusations: Some customers have accused Gift Card Granny of being a scam, although this is not supported by the majority of reviews

Raise – The Ideal Choice for High-Value Cards

Raise specializes in delivering excellent cash value for gift cards valued at $100 or more. Their website streamlines the process of selling high-balance, unwanted gift cards and ensures swift payment.

Yet, if you’re looking for an option that combines competitive rates with instant cashback, Raise may not be your best option.

  • High seller fees: Raise takes a 15% commission from each gift card sold, which can be a significant chunk of the sale price.
  • Limited control over pricing: Unlike some other gift card marketplaces, Raise does not offer an instant offer for gift cards and instead requires sellers to set their own prices, which can be time-consuming and may result in lower earnings.
  • Fraud concerns: While Raise has a guarantee program to protect buyers, there have been complaints of fraud on the platform.
  • Human error: Some customers have reported issues with human error, such as receiving the wrong gift card or a card with a lower balance than advertised

CardPool – Extensive Brand Selection

CardPool excels in providing a wide selection of gift cards from major brands, claiming to allow you to recoup up to 92% of the card’s value. It’s a convenient choice for decluttering your wallet of unwanted gift cards.

Still, those seeking an efficient and user-friendly platform that offers competitive rates might find CardCash to be a more attractive option.

  • Slow payment process: Cardpool’s payment process can take longer than other gift card marketplaces, which can be frustrating for sellers.
  • Low purchase value: Cardpool does not purchase gift cards with a value of $25 or less, which may be inconvenient for some sellers.
  • Poor customer service: Some customers have reported issues with Cardpool’s customer service, including difficulty reaching representatives and unhelpful responses

eBay – Familiar Marketplace Format

eBay’s marketplace format is widely recognized for its extensive selection when you want to sell a gift card online for cash. Listing your unwanted gift card on eBay is generally straightforward due to its vast user base.

  • High fees: eBay charges a fee for each sale, which can be as high as 15%.
  • Buyer disputes: eBay’s buyer protection policy can result in disputes over the condition of the gift card or its value, which can be time-consuming and frustrating for sellers.
  • Competition: There is a lot of competition on eBay for gift card sales, which can make it difficult to attract buyers
  • Fraud concerns: eBay gift card scams have been reported, which can result in sellers losing their gift cards and not receiving payment.

It’s essential to be cautious about potential risks, as eBay is not immune to scammers and fraudulent activities.

The Federal Trade Commission  (FTC) offers guidance on purchasing and using gift cards, along with recommendations for safeguarding against gift card scams.

While all these platforms have their merits, CardCash stands out for its blend of convenience, competitive rates, and a streamlined interface, making it a strong contender for those looking to quickly and efficiently turn unused gift cards into cash.

Comparison of Online Gift Card Exchange Platforms

Platform Fees, Payout Options, and User Experience

PlatformPlatform FeesPayout OptionsUser Experience
CardCashNo upfront fees. Deducts fees from payout.PayPal, direct deposit, check.User-friendly interface. Instant transactions.
Gift Card GrannyNo upfront fees. May charge small fee for transactions.PayPal, ACH transfer.User-friendly platform. Easy navigation.
RaiseTransaction fee may apply.PayPal, direct deposit, check.Smooth platform. Clear listing process.
CardpoolNo upfront fees. Deducts fees from payout.PayPal, direct deposit, check.Simple interface. Quick and easy sales.
eBayListing fees and final value fees.PayPal, bank transfer, check, others.Wide user base. Varied listing options.

Selling Unused Gift Cards Online Instantly: Pros and Cons

Selling unwanted gift cards online provides a quick and easy way to exchange them for cash or other gift cards.

Here are some of the main advantages and potential drawbacks to be aware of when selling gift cards online instantly:

Pros of Selling Gift Cards Online

  • Get cash fast – Receive payment instantly or within days for the unused gift cards you’re trying to sell. Avoid letting cards expire worthless.
  • Access global buyers – Sell to eager buyers across the world instead of only locally. Broadens your chances of maximizing your gift card’s value.
  • Competitive rates – Reputable gift card sellers offer high buyback rates up to 92% or more of your card’s balance. Much better than letting it go to waste.
  • User-friendly platforms – Most gift card exchange sites have simple interfaces for entering your card details and getting a cash offer. Saves you time and hassle.

Potential Cons to Consider

  • Possible fees – Some gift card selling platforms charge small transaction fees or take a cut of the sale amount. Read fee info carefully before choosing.
  • Limited retailer options – Certain sellers may not accept all brand gift cards, so check supported retailers before selling.
  • Verification requirements – You may need to verify the balance or submit other details before completing the gift card sale.

Overall, selling unused gift cards online is generally secure, convenient, and lucrative.

Just be sure to compare seller rates, fees, and policies first to maximize your cash back.

How to Sell an Unwanted Gift Card Online

Selling your unused gift cards online can convert them into cash or allow you to trade for a card you want. Follow these steps for selling a gift card online:

1. Choose a Reliable and User-Friendly Platform

  • Research different gift card selling sites and compare rates and fees.
  • Select a trustworthy platform with good reviews and competitive buyback offers.
  • Again, any of the above are fine. My personal preference from experience is CardCash.

2. Create an Account on an Online Platform

  • Sign up for an account by providing your name, email, and payment details like your bank account or PayPal.
  • Make sure the platform is user-friendly.

3. List Your Gift Card for Sale

  • Enter key details about the unwanted gift card you want to sell – the brand, dollar value, and expiration date. You may also need to include the card number and pin.
  • Check similar listings to price your card competitively.

4. Complete the Sale and Get Paid

Once a buyer purchases your gift card, you’ll receive payment through the site’s system – often via direct deposit, PayPal, check, or Bitcoin.

5. Finalize the Transaction

  • Confirm the buyer received the digital card or that you shipped the physical card.
  • Review payment options and choose the most convenient method for you.

6. Ensure Smooth Payment

  • If using PayPal, link your account and verify your identity to avoid delays receiving your funds after the gift card sale completes.
  • With the right platform, selling an unused gift card online is straightforward.
  • Researching options and comparing rates will help maximize your cash back.

Maximizing Your Gift Card Sale Value

When selling an unwanted gift card online, use these tips to get the highest return:

Time it Right

  • Sell during peak shopping seasons like the winter holidays or back-to-school rush when demand is high.
  • More buyers competing can drive up the cash price.

Pick the Best Marketplace

  • Research platforms that buy your specific brand of gift card and compare their rates.
  • Select the one offering the top dollar for your card.

Create an Appealing Listing

  • Write an engaging description highlighting your card’s value, expiration, and any unique perks to attract buyers.
  • Use high-quality images.
  • As an FYI, the popular gift cards include:DoorDash, Visa, Amazon, Target, Dunkin’, UberEats, GrubHub among others.

Optimize Your Listing Content

  • Craft descriptive titles and text that make your gift card listing stand out.
  • Include keywords buyers search for like the brand name and dollar amount.

Use Promotions to Boost Views

  • Offer a discount or special promotion for your gift card listing to grab attention. Limited-time incentives can create urgency to buy.
  • Placing your gift card listing strategically at peak times on a top buyer platform and promoting it effectively will help you earn the maximum resale cash value.

Cautions to Consider When Selling Gift Cards Online

Selling unwanted gift cards online is generally safe and lucrative. However, there are some risks and challenges to be aware of:

Recognizing Potential Risks

Identify Trustworthy Platforms

  • Research seller reputations and reviews to find secure sites.
  • Stick to well-known platforms like CardCash, Raise, or Gift Card Granny to avoid scams.


Avoiding Online Scams

Don’t click questionable links or download attachments.

Reject unsolicited messages asking for personal or card details. These are often scams.

Navigating Challenges

Be prepared for issues like non-responsive buyers, payment processing delays, or disputes.

Promptly contact the seller and platform support to resolve problems.

Managing Unresponsive Buyers

If a gift card buyer doesn’t respond, try emailing, calling, or messaging them through the platform.

If still no response, contact customer support.

Ensuring Fair Transactions

Keep detailed records of all gift card sale communication and details. This ensures transparency if any conflicts arise that require dispute resolution.

While selling online has risks, choosing reputable platforms, avoiding scams, and promptly addressing issues can ensure a smooth transaction.

Other Options for Selling Unwanted Gift Cards

Beyond online marketplaces, there are other alternative options for selling your unused gift cards:

Gift Card Exchange Sites

Exchanges like CardCash, Raise, and Gift Card Granny allow you to sell or buy discounted gift cards from others. We already covered them in detail above.

These sites offer competitive rates for unwanted cards.


Retailer Trade-In Programs

Indeed, purchasing a gift card with another gift card is feasible at select stores, including popular brands like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. However, it’s crucial to be aware that not all stores endorse this practice.

Some retailers have ceased permitting the use of Visa or Mastercard gift cards for acquiring store-specific gift cards.

Before attempting to buy a gift card with another gift card, it is highly advisable to verify the store’s policy through their customer service. While certain brand stores permit the use of their gift cards for purchasing other cards available in their stores, individual policies may vary.

Selling In-Person

You can also sell gift cards at pawn shops, through Facebook Marketplace, check cashing stores, or gift card kiosks.

However, these often yield lower rates than online.

Can I Use a Gift Card to Buy a Money Order and Then Sell It Online for Cash?

Can I use a gift card to buy a money order and then sell it online for cash? Many individuals wonder about the possibility of using gift cards to buy money orders. While it may be possible in some cases, it largely depends on the policies of the specific store or financial institution.

Comparing Your Options

Cashing In> Retailers may allow you to trade the remaining gift card balance for cash if it’s under a certain threshold.
> You can also give the gift card to someone else or donate it to a good cause.
> Additionally, regifting the card to someone else is an option.
Exchanging> Gift card exchange sites provide the option to list your unwanted or partially used gift card for sale or shop for a discounted card from someone else.
> You can either sell your gift card for cash or trade it in for another gift card.
> Some exchange sites may offer up to 92% of the cash value of your cards.

Choosing the Best Method

  • Pick the option aligning with your needs – if you want maximum value, an exchange or online marketplace is likely best.
  • If convenience is key, opt for trade-in or local sale.
  • Comparing rates and features across the various platforms and alternative selling methods can help you maximize your return when selling an unwanted gift card.


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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Sell A Gift Card Online For Cash

If you are looking to sell a gift card for cash, you may have some questions about the process. Here are some common queries about gift card sales and concise answers:

Where can I sell an unwanted gift card near me?

You can sell a gift card in-person at places like pawn shops or check cashing stores. But these often yield lower rates than online platforms like CardCash or Gift Card Granny.

What are some tips for safely selling a gift card?

Choose a reputable seller with positive reviews. Avoid suspicious links or providing personal details. For physical cards, use prepaid shipping labels. Selling on secure sites like Raise prevents fraud.

How do I create an attractive gift card listing?

Write engaging descriptions highlighting your card’s value and expiration date. Use keywords buyers search like the brand name and amount. Include quality images and offer promotions to boost interest.

What should I do if there’s an unresponsive buyer?

Promptly contact the buyer through other channels like email or phone. If still no response, reach out to the platform’s customer support for help resolving the issue.

How do I maximize my gift card’s resale value?

Research sites to compare rates and pick the best offer. Time your sale during peak holiday demand. Craft an optimized listing with promotions. Choose instant payment options like PayPal.
Selling online is typically the safest and most lucrative way to exchange unwanted gift cards for cash. Taking a few key steps will help maximize your payout.

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Next Steps For Cashing Out a PrePaid Card

Selling unwanted gift cards online is a great way to unlock their unused value and earn some extra cash. With billions of dollars on neglected gift cards wasted each year, exchanging yours for money or a more desirable card is an easy win.

As we’ve explored, selling on secure marketplaces like CardCash and Raise is typically the safest and most profitable option. You can conveniently trade in your unused physical and digital gift cards without leaving home. With the tips above for maximizing your payout through promotions and careful timing, you can often recoup almost the full card value.


Just be sure to do your research to find the best marketplace for your specific brand of card. Read reviews and compare rates across top sites. Avoid scams by sticking to well-known, reputable platforms. Take prompt action if any issues arise with buyers.

Selling unused gift cards online takes just a few minutes to convert forgotten plastic to real cash in your pocket. It beats letting them sit unredeemed in a drawer continuing to lose value. Take advantage of this easy opportunity to finally put your unwanted cards to good use.

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