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Why You Need To Hire a Money Coach, Yesterday!!

Did you ever wonder if you need to hire a money coach, and if it would help you improve your chances of financial success with your personal finances? Do you have a personalized action plan for your debt? How are you held accountable for your money decisions and your finances – who are your accountability partners? Are you fully educated on how your financial plans for how your full personal finances work together? Your debt, your investment strategies, reviewing different types of insurance, tax planning, financial planning, estate planning, college and retirement savings?

If not, then you need to hire a money coach, yesterday!

A money coach will help you understand all of your financial options and help you make the best choices for your unique and personal financial situation.

  • They will help you learn about your relationship with money, create a budget and stick to it.
  • They will help you change your money mindset, help you save money and pay off debt or student loan debt.
  • They will help you learn to invest for the future.
  • They will help you develop a for retirement plan.
  • They will help you develop a realistic plan for college.
  • They will help you learn how to protect your assets.
  • They will educate you on how to plan your estate.

In short, a money coach will help you take control of your finances and improve your financial future. There are many benefits to hiring a money coach.

A money coach will help you save time and and achieve your money goals. They will help you make better financial decisions. They will help you stay on track with your financial goals.

They will help you avoid costly mistakes. They will help you stay motivated. They will help you stay focused. They will help you stay organized. They will help you reduce stress.


In short, a money coach will help you improve your financial life, and provide you a financial education on the formula for success. If you are not sure if you need a money coach, ask yourself these common financial questions:

What Does a Money Coach Do?

Money coaches or financial coach, is someone who helps others make sound financial decisions. It is very important to understand that a money coach and financial coach are interchangeable terms.

The first thing a money coach must do is determine their client’s financial situation, and their experience with money.

Next, a money coach must devise a strategy to assist you in identifying and achieving your financial goals.

A Financial Coach can help you achieve your goals and gain confidence in your financial situation. A Financial Coach can educate you and empower you with your finances.  A Financial Coach will not sell you any investments, insurance or manage your portfolio for you.

What is a Financial Coach And Can They Help Me?

A Financial Coach can help you regardless of where you are in your everyday life experiences. A financial coach is ideal for someone who is starting out and doesn’t have the time to make sure they aren’t missing something. Most can still benefit from a second professional’s opinion.

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How A Money Coach Can Change Your Life

A Financial Coach an help walk you through your finances, & put you in a better position with your money. My goal when working with a client is to make sure that they are achieving their goals. and make it easy for them.

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Find Out How Much Does A Financial Coach Charge

A financial coach is a specialist who can assist you in better understanding your personal finances while developing and maintaining good financial habits. Their primary purpose is to assist their clients in

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What a Money Coach Doesn’t Do.

A Financial Coach would not compel you to do something you don’t want to do.  If you are having trouble controlling your spending and credit card debt – I won’t have you chop up your credit cards.  If you have credit card debt and don’t have a spending plan, I strongly advise you to do so though.  But as a Financial Coach, I do not make choices for you or act as a fiduciary on your behalf. A Financial Advisor might be – by making financial decisions for you.  But a Financial Coach’s role is to advise and teach you rather than to do it for you.

A Financial Coach can’t help you, until you’re completely honest and open with them. We won’t be able to do our job if you aren’t ready or willing to come clean.  You need to trust us fully, and be open, in order for us to accomplish anything.

Other things I won’t do for you, as a Financial Coach.

  • I won’t invest FOR you
  • I won’t guarantee immediate results
  • I won’t do the work FOR you. .
  • I won’t make you wealthy.  
  • Make trades or tell you which investments to use
  • You will have full control of all decisions, at all times

financial coaching mentoring and motivate Money coach

On the other hand

What Does a Money Coach Do?

  • Teach you to prosper.  You will do the work, for you and your family
  • I will teach you how to invest on your own, to manage your own investments.  
  • I will teach YOU how to become wealthy, by managing your own finances instead of your finances managing you
  • You will instead see a lifetime of results
  • Give you education, guidance and motivation to feel confident in managing your investments on your own.

A Money Coach can benefit you:

  • As the old saying goes “You can teach a man to fish…”
  • By working with a Financial Coach, many people learn to save thousands and thousands of dollars a year!
  • You will learn the correct money habits that will snowball into future wealth for you and your family.
  • What you put into your finances through coaching, is what you will get out of it.  Forever.
  • You will not need to hire and pay for a Financial Advisor to manage your portfolio.

Hiring a Money Coach

  • A financial coach may help you with your finances in a variety of ways, including providing knowledge and support. They can teach you to manage your money stress points, and educate you more about how to control your finances.
  • Providing assistance and accountability. A financial coach may help you achieve your objectives and gain confidence in your financial situation.

How a Money Coach Can Help You Today

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What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Money Coach

The number one reason people choose to hire a financial coach is to make a difference in their financial life, and focus on  building wealth for your future. 

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13 Ways to Benefit From a Money Coach

A Financial Coach will teach you the fundamentals of money management. Budgeting, debt management, debt reduction, debt counseling and retirement objectives are all examples of this. 

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Are you looking for another opinion on what a money coach is and how you can benefit? Here is a summary of an article by Nerdwallet.com:

  • Financial coaches teach money management skills such as budgeting, emotional aspects of money, emergency funds, and debt management.
  • Unlike financial advisors, financial coaches are not certified and do not offer investment advice.
  • Financial coaches can improve financial literacy and help with the behavioral and emotional aspects of money management.
  • Financial coaching packages typically cost thousands of dollars a year, and while no formal education is required, certification from organizations like the AFCPE can be helpful.

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