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12 Reasons To Seek Financial Advice Today

There are a few key reasons why it’s important to seek financial advice. First, financial advice can help you to make the most of your money. A good financial advisor will help you to invest your assets in a way that will grow it over time, so that you can achieve your financial goals. They will also help you develop a financial strategy to manage your money in a way that is tax-efficient and that minimizes the risk of you losing money.

Secondly, financial advice can help you to plan for your financial future. A good financial professional will help by asking good questions, provide a financial education, help you to set realistic financial goals, and will create a financial plan to help you achieve these goals. They will also help you to understand the different financial products available, and to choose the ones that are right for your financial lives.

A third reason to seek financial advice is to help you to protect your financial interests. A good financial planner will help you to insure your home, your car review your life insurance, and your possessions. They will also help you to put together a will, and to make sure that your family is provided for financially if you die.

Finally, you may seek financial advice to help you to deal with financial problems. If you are in debt, a good financial coach will help you to find a way out of debt. They will also help you to deal with financial difficulties that may arise in the future, such as job loss or illness. In conclusion, financial advice is important because it can help you to make the most of your money,

When Can You Benefit From Financial Advice?

When can a financial coach help you? There’s no shame if you seek financial advice; we all require it from time to time. Working with a financial coach can help you if you’ve ever battled to stay on a budget or get out of debt. For most people, I suggest we start working together for at least three months. Investing in financial coaching can pay off financially and emotionally for you and your family.

A Financial Coach is invaluable when it comes to creating a budget, developing a debt-reduction strategy, providing resources and guidance, and saving for the future. One advantage of working with a financial coach over a financial adviser is that it is typically less expensive to hire a coach rather than an advisor.

The Sad State of Finances – The Cost of No Goals and No Advisor

The most common worries for adults are budgeting and sticking to it.  Getting out of debt is a close second.

CareerBuilder, found some startling statistics related to debt, budgeting, and making ends meet in its 2017 survey. Here are some of the survey’s findings, for example:

  • 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • 66 percent would find it difficult to pay $1,000 in cash in an emergency
  • Less than a third of workers (32%) stick to a strict budget, and a slight majority (56%) save $100 or less per month
  • More than one-fourth of workers do not save any money from their income each month.
  • Nearly three-quarters of workers say they are in debt today, and more than half believe they will be forever.
  • Nearly one out of every ten workers earning $100,000 or more lives paycheck to paycheck.

Link to Careerbuilder.com poll results

Many people know they need help, but feel they cannot afford to seek financial advice or don’t know which financial institutions to trust..

When Is a Financial Coach Helpful?

Unfortunately, debt frequently leads to feelings of shame and guilt.  Which can lead to people avoiding the issues, because they are ashamed to seek financial advice.

I want to help people by bringing their issues to light so that they may be addressed.  And fixes! There’s no shame in seeking help; we all require it from time to time.

It’s time to change your habits if they’re preventing you from attaining your goals, regardless of your salary or net worth.

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When To Seek Financial Advice for Strategies and Planning?

A person may seek financial advice as a result of a specific event. Windfalls or major losses—or a major life event—are common occurrences. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, you may be more likely to seek financial advice:

  1. I never understood investing and financial planning, and I’d like to seek financial advice to ensure that I don’t make costly mistakes in the future. Whether it is investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, ETF’s – hiring fee-based advisors who are compensated based on the assets under management is the typical relationship clients seek. It is a matter of preference if you choose a fee-only advisor or commission based advisors.
  2. I recently married, and my husband and I need assistance managing our financial challenges as a couple, and need professional advice.
  3. I’m getting close to retirement and want to make sure I’m on the right track. Retirement planning can be difficult as we enter a new life stage. A retirement plan is never complete without a comprehensive plan using the right financial planning tools.
  4. Mom and Dad are getting older, are starting to need medical care and they (and we) need assistance with their overall financial management and investment strategy.
  5. I recently inherited money from a parent and would like to seek financial advice on money management or investment management.
  6. I was recently divorced or widowed, and I need financial assistance to get back on my feet as a single person.
  7. I enjoy financial planning and investing, but I’d like a second opinion to see if there’s anything I could improve on.
  8. Ever battled to stay on a budget or spending plan? You’re finally fed up with debt and ready to get to change your financial habits and get your financial affairs in order?
  9. Can’t see how you can reach your goals when there’s never enough money left at the end of the month. 
  10. If you aim to stick to the plan your trusted financial adviser recommends but frequently stray from your financial priorities, coaching may be able to assist you get back on track. 
  11. Perhaps you just don’t know where to begin and are searching for someone to give non biased support and assistance – financial coaching can help.

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Develop a Personal Financial Plan and Education

Everyone should develop a long-term financial plan at some point, which includes considerations for retirement, paying off your house, funding college education for your children (if you have any), estate planning, and a time frame for when you can actually retire. This is another reason to get financial advice.

For most people, I suggest we start working together for at least three months. Change and progress takes time, so keeping that in mind as you enter the coaching partnership can help you manage everyone’s expectations. 

Changing Your Financial Health Takes Time

Because change can take time, we can work together for as long as it takes: six, nine, and twelve-month packages are common. You could benefit from one session if you don’t have a history of behaviors that have badly influenced your financial decisions, but are stuck in this current time.

I’ve already demonstrated how if you seek financial advice it can pay off,  both financially and emotionally for you and your family. However, one essential component determines whether or not the fees are worthwhile for you: You and your desire for change

Financial coaching helps with success learning and knowledge Seek Financial Advice
Seek financial Advice

You Should Seek Financial Advice With a Financial Coach When…

A Financial Coach is invaluable when it comes to creating a budget, developing a debt-reduction strategy, planning for emergencies, saving for the future, and cultivating new habits..

One advantage of working with a financial coach over a financial adviser is that it is typically less expensive to hire a coach rather than an advisor. Coaches have fewer expenses and regulations, making them more inexpensive. A coach will charge per hour (session) or by purchasing a package of sessions. They will also only be employed for a short period of time, as long as you need them to become steady or as needed, but an adviser would be with you for years.

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What has kept you from working with a professional advisor in the past?

Have you personally benefited when you decided to seek financial advice?

Comment below…


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